Rose Ramirez & Associates, P.C. (“RRA”) recognizes that each employee’s unique experiences, perspectives, and viewpoints are critical to creating a work environment that fosters growth and advancement. Therefore, our goal is to foster an environment that is attractive to the best talent and that creates a profound sense of pride across our firm through our diversity and inclusion efforts. We understand the importance of creating an environment in which all of our employees can feel valued, included and empowered to bring great ideas to the table through leading and managing inclusively. RRA fosters an environment which values all cultures, ethnicities, genders and sexual orientations.

Our diversity and inclusion objectives, and progress towards achieving them, are assessed annually to ensure they align with our business and talent objectives.

To apply, fill out the application form found here and send it to us along with your resume directly at [email protected]

New employees are required to attend the Right Start session. Our firm has a dedicated training room and instructor who provides guidance and instruction in a classroom environment. We have developed this program to introduce new employees to the areas of law our firm specializes in, the regulatory and internal policies and procedures, contextualization – how the topics covered apply to all areas of the firm and all positions, process supports increasing learner independence with an emphasis throughout on participative learning, and the skills needed to continue learning and developing as an employee. Individual assessments are provided daily from trainees and the trainer to assess development and identify individual strengths and weaknesses (skills analysis and skills audits).

We offer a wide range of benefits to our Attorneys and staff that include medical, dental, vision, life insurance, 401k, and tuition assistance.

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